A life by the river


Hi welcome back to my blog. You might be wondering why I have not published anything for a while, but it is simply because I have been on holiday to a house called Wernos near Hay-On-Wye. Hay is a few hours from our house but it was worth it, When we arrived I went straightContinue reading “Wernos”


Thursday On March the 13th 2020 my mum took me to the airport, for Christmas my parents surprised me with a 3 day trip to Vienna! The Thursday before I broke up from school the plane took us to this wonderful city. We took the CAT from the airport and then the underground to ourContinue reading “Vienna!”


About one week ago I mentioned a competition for a design that will make the world a better place, not just for us but for our beloved ocean and sea life to. I am entering an under water fish robot with cameras and much more, as you will be able to see I have drawnContinue reading “Amphitrite”

Pressing Flowers

Over the next few weeks I am going to be producing some fun family ideas that you can do during covid 19. First I would like to mention that in one week today (30th June) is the deadline of a contest where you enter your idea for an environmentally friendly design, could you help makeContinue reading “Pressing Flowers”

River riding

Okay so it’s not exactly a river it’s a lake. I’m riding the small grey pony named Peanut, my best friend’s pony. Me and my family are very lucky to be able to access the farm, as there is a jumping field, arena and a lot of lovely hack routes.


Today I made pancakes for the family, it was an easy recipe but made great pancakes! If you would like to make pancakes at home, have a go using this recipe: 150g of flour 2 eggs 300ml of milk First get a large mixing bowl, a spoon and a jug. Then add the flour andContinue reading “Pancakes”

The Beginning

Hi, my name is Marcie and I live one field away from the River Thames and so in the summer me and my two brothers go swimming. I am a middle child and so I have a sibling either side of me. It has been a very boring few months for me and my family,Continue reading “The Beginning”

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