Hi welcome back to my blog. You might be wondering why I have not published anything for a while, but it is simply because I have been on holiday to a house called Wernos near Hay-On-Wye.

Hay is a few hours from our house but it was worth it, When we arrived I went straight into the house. About half a hour later I went to the field to see how Woody the pony and his friends were doing as I have not seen them for over a year. Since we came in two cars we had to wait before we took the ponies into the yard as the gate was open since the rest of my family had not yet arrived. A little while later they arrived add we let the ponies out into the yard and went straight to their hay nets. Their names are Woody Swagger and Pearl, Woody is grey (white) with a pink nose Swagger is dappled grey and Pearl is black.

Over the next few days we had a blast, but then it came the day we had to go home. I do miss Woody but I know I know I will see him again soon.

Here are some photos:

All horses need breakfast, don’t they? Even this gang… Woody, Pearl and Swagger


Woody the pack pony, with his little pink nose!


Pearl’s cuteness fools everyone, she may seem like a softy but inside she is a sassy little girl.


Skittish he may be but is always happy to lend a hand… or a hoof.

Woody is always happy to give mummy a little scratch!

And I return the favour!

The three horse-eteers, nothing can get past this gang (especially food)

Oh and also if I don’t post for a while it is because I will be going back to Wales but in a different area to Wernos. If you are interested in the ponies here is a website that you might like: https://www.hooftrek.co.uk

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