On March the 13th 2020 my mum took me to the airport, for Christmas my parents surprised me with a 3 day trip to Vienna! The Thursday before I broke up from school the plane took us to this wonderful city.

A map of Vienna that greeted us as we arrived at the Airport in Austria.

We took the CAT from the airport and then the underground to our hotel. We were on the second floor which was where the breakfast room was. There was so much food!

Breakfast at Hotel Des Capri

Next we went to visit my uncle who lives in Austria and had rented a room near our hotel.


After breakfast we went to the Spanish Riding School of Vienna! Then we went to get some lunch and head back to the hotel. A few hours later we went back to the Spanish Riding School and had a guided tour.

Here are some pictures.

Inside the beautiful Hofburg – this is where the show takes place.

The super organised tack room

An embroidered saddle pad

After the tour, we went to Palmenhaus and I had some strudel with my mum and uncle.


Next we went back to our hotel to have a little rest. After that we went to go and get some pizza for dinner. There was delicious pizza place called Fiorino really near the hotel, and our waiter was so friendly and kind. This is the place –


On Saturday we woke up had breakfast and went ice-skating, unfortunately we didn’t get any pictures of the rink but it was amazing! We stayed on the rink for a few hours, then we went back to the Hotel for some food.


This was the day we had to pack up and go back to England, as sad as I was to go home I was exited to see the rest of my family. After we had breakfast we took the train called the CAT to the airport. We bought some gifts for the boys when we got there. When we managed to get to the waiting area we found out that our plane had been delayed by one hour due to some bad weather. When that hour had passed we found out it was delayed another half hour. Finally we got onto the plane. We met my dad and youngest brother at Heathrow airport, our final destination.

Goodbye Austria

2 thoughts on “Vienna!

  1. WOW!! How exciting to go to Vienna! Oh my, so envious! ❤️ The food looks DELICIOUS and the organized saddles, beautiful arena, such lovely photos! I Love seeing your trip and reading about your adventures! ~Diana ❤️🐴❤️🐴❤️

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